Sintez Global Ltd. announces IPO on London Stock Exchange and ICO prolongation

A crypto mining company Sintez Global Ltd., owner of Talentum coin and Talentum trademark, plans to get investments through IPO on London Stock Exchange in 2019. Owners of Talentum masternodes can get company shares before IPO. So Sintez Global extends ICO till September 16th.

Mining company Sintez Global Ltd. sells mining equipment, servers, streamers etc. It also offers cloud mining services. Company offices are located in Miami, London, Mexico, New York and Kyiv.

Sintez Global Ltd. released its own cryptocurrency called Talentum (TAL), intended for its exchange for electricity and maintenance of the company’s facilities. Talentum is unique coin with its own blockchain and masternodes. Each investor can become masternode owner for 500 000 TAL and get 90% of each block reward.

Now company announcing future IPO on one of the oldest exchanges in the world – London Stock Exchange. It will take place in 2019. Sintez Global Ltd. already won an approval from the UK Listing Authority. The company plans to raise 45 millions GBP through IPO.

Before the IPO will be held, all masternode owners will have an option to exchange their TAL cryptocurrency to the company shares. That’s why Sintez Global Ltd. extends it’s ICO till September 16th. Due to this all investors still have a possibility to buy enough TAL coins to become masternode owners. 39 masternodes was already sold to investors from USA, Europe and Asia.