Introducing new reports to masternode holders

  • Talentum team established a new reporting workflow in addition to the agile methodology that was originally requested by the fund in order to meet international market standards for upcoming IPO.

From December 15, 2018 all masternode holders will start receiving additional company private information in a form of monthly and quarterly reports in addition to yearly ones.

In monthly reports, masternode holders will see a short summary of all company operations that took place during last month. There will be such blocks as:
– List of current milestone goals;
– List of completed tasks in order to achieve current goals;
– List of activities (including public and private meetings, agreements, etc.);
– List of pending issues and difficulties;
– Monthly report summary.

In quarter reports, masternode holders will be able to see how current milestone goals, tasks, and activities reflect on company financial performance as well as key market analytics. There will be such blocks as:
– Balance sheet;
– KPIs;
– Current market analytics;
– Quarterly report summary.

All reports will be emailed during the first 3-5 business days of each month and quarter.

  • These reports should provide masternode holders the relevant information that sets out how a business is performing and informs its prospects.

Below is implemented scrum framework scheme in Talentum: