Decentralized loyalty rewards program

Talentum developed decentralized platform for integration with third party reward and loyal program service providers. Now merchants can reward customers with Talentum for buying goods or services, coins will be instantly and secure transferred the customers account.

All masternode holders will have an access to premium benefits and discounts from top reward service providers.¬†Details about all offers will be listed inside your personal account under “Merchants” navigation tab. Talentum is more than just a travel or rewards credit card. New cards will be shipped to masternode holders by December 25, 2018.

All merchants will be categorized according to following groups:

  • – Department store reward programs
  • – Supermarket and grocery store reward programs
  • – Pharmacy reward programs
  • – Gas station reward programs
  • – Hotel rewards programs
  • – Pet store rewards programs
  • – Fast food & restaurant loyalty programs
  • – Fashion loyalty programs
  • – Automotive loyalty programs
  • – Office supply store reward programs
  • – Home Improvement rewards programs
  • – Other retailers and brands
  • We are including the best reward and loyalty programs currently on offer, both online and offline for your masternode debit cards.