American Investment fund is about to add Talentum to their portfolio

Data centers have to correspond to new market requirements. Not only in order to overtake competitors, but also simply to avoid equipment failures and serious problems in the near future. The range of services provided by data centers is growing in the direction of a constant, reliable exchange of a huge amount of data. Our company is oriented to strengthen positions on the market, focusing on operations for hosting equipment for mining cryptocurrency and developing the net of our data centers. Building your own data center is a very costly project that requires serious investments, and not all organizations can afford it, especially in times of crisis.

We are happy to tell that American investment funds are interested to invest in our data centers, what will give us the ability to get more upgrades very soon. Investments that we plan to get for scaling and developing of our company’s infrastructure will increase the company’s turnover, its net profit and the profit of potential and existing investors by improving software, hardware and team members scaling.

Nowadays, there is a process of audit of the company’s activities, what will lay the groundwork for future business financing.